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Pipeline Integrity Management Systems (PIMS)

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Pipeline Integrity Management System is the collection of arrangements that collectively ensure the integrity of the pipeline. This assemblage of arrangements can be envisaged as a "wall" that separates the Pipeline Operator from an undesirable event as shown below.

The Pipe Integrity Management System should be comprehensively described within a manual or set of manuals. Without a documented PIMS a pipeline operator is vulnerable to personnel and system changes and will encounter difficulties when required to demonstrate the effectiveness of the arrangements to senior management, shareholders and the Regulator.

Penspen Integrity has many years experience and has developed a Pipe Integrity Management System which complies with and extends recent codes such as ASME B31.8, API 1160, BS PD 8010, DNV RP 116 and CEN 15174. Using the model, Penspen has implemented PIMS for numerous pipeline operators. The work has involved both documenting the existing arrangements within a collated PIMS Manual as well as developing arrangements for elements of the management system that are incomplete or absent. Such arrangements include risk based inspection, management of change, emergency response procedures and legal compliance.